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One of the top priorities of SBA Communications is the safety of our tower climbers. It has been a key focus of the company since it started in 1989.

Since 2001, tower climber training has been required for SBA employees and occurred out in the field. In 2013, SBA took another big step forward in the safety area when we opened our internally branded facility “Tower U”, headquartered in our Southeast Regional Office in Pelham, Alabama, to consolidate training in one location. This facility was developed in response to the need for highly skilled tower professionals and provides a four-day safety certification program that all SBA employed tower climbers must complete before climbing; and from time to time we also train first responders in tower rescue.

While we do not offer training to contractors, we do require our contractors and those working for the carriers to abide by our best practices. SBA conducts random job inspections to ensure compliance and if the contractors are not complying with our safety best practices, we will shut the job down.

The training includes: Quality Training (1 day), OSHA 10-hour Training (1 ½ days), and Tower Safety & Rescue Training (1 ½ days). Once certified, the tower climbers receive a complete bag of safety gear to use when working. The Tower U training program, offered by SBA Communications, meets NATE CTS (Climber Training Standards) qualifications.

We are very proud to be a leader in the wireless infrastructure industry by offering our employees a comprehensive training facility to emphasize how important safety is in their role as tower climbers and how much SBA Communications supports and considers what they do a key function of the company.

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