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Ground Lease Buyouts

SBA has the ability to provide you with the best financial offer for your land in the market. If you need cash to reduce debt, build a nest egg, or simply want the security of having money on hand for life’s unexpected emergencies, SBA can help you.

We can easily restructure your lease so you receive a substantial lump sum payment in lieu of rent, typically within 45 days, so you have the cash resources you need quickly to accomplish your goals.

SBA knows the details of your lease and property, and we are already best positioned to offer the most attractive solutions so you can capitalize on the many key advantages your lease offers. Knowing that SBA is your cash resource can provide peace of mind.

At SBA, we combine integrity, service and responsibility to create the right environment to deliver the best solutions to our landlords for their ground lease buyout needs.

Here are just a few examples of why some property owners decided to convert their leases at this time and take advantage of the options SBA has to offer:

  • A land owner, who used a portion of his rental income to pay his mortgage, accepted the one-time payment to pay his mortgage in full
  • Taking advantage of a ground lease buyout option to purchase a RV, a grandmother is now able to travel cross country to visit her children and grandchildren
  • A retired couple, who converted their lease, were able to create a trust for their children and a college fund for their grandchildren
  • A farmer in Texas used the funds to purchase additional cattle and equipment, improving his overall landholding
  • A church in Florida amended their lease to take advantage of a lump sum payment to expand their youth ministry services
  • A land owner, interested in taking advantage of low real estate prices, used the lump sum amount to complete a 1031 “like-kind” exchange, thereby maximizing his money and deferring capital gains taxes and reducing his taxable income
  • A woman enjoys financial freedom today, after adding the proceeds from a ground lease buyout to her retirement account to reach her retirement goals
  • A young couple paid off their debt, enabling them to travel abroad and fulfill their life-long dream of philanthropic work

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